MasterC has gone bye bye Egon….

Hehe, ok not really.   Just spent like 15 minutes here trying to think of a title for what is really my first blog post.  So, who am I?  Well, I’ve been something of a geek, nerd and fanboy for almost 30 years now.  Wait, 30 YEARS?!  Yep.  Started way back in 1980 when my parents got me into train sets at the wee age of 4.  But, I’m gonna save the history lesson for future blogs.  I could go on all day about my first comic, anime, con, figure, etc., but I perfer to keep the blogs to something more simple, if thats possible 🙂

Spent most of the day today working my room/office/mancave.  Got some really nice looking shelving for the walls, and managed a nice little haul of some new G.I. Joe movie figures.  Pics?  Not yet, getting kinda late, wore out, and I gotta work at 3am.

So, keep an eye out here, and I will try to keep this active and hopping!!

Till, next time, stay geeky!!


About mastercharles
just a Geek, Nerd and Fanboy all rolled up with some Otaku mixed in.

One Response to MasterC has gone bye bye Egon….

  1. chiznad says:

    Let’s see some of that progress ya slacker.

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