MasterC, What is best in life?

Ever notice how hard it is to remember the years that particular things happened after u get much older?  Not that I’m ancient or something, but still.  I remember when I was very very young (maybe 5 or 6), my father took me to a place called Memory Lane Comics.  Never even heard of a comic shop or anything like that before.  It wasn’t really a store like most people think, it was actually someone’s house they used as the store!!  Seriously, the shop was in the living room!!.  It was owned by this old man named Henry, and though its got different owners today its still going strong.  Anyways, I remember the one comic I wanted there was the new Marvel Comics G.I. Joe #1.  I’m pretty sure it was new because it was hanging on the wall behind the counter in plastic.  However, my dad didn’t get it cause it was too much money (no idea how much).

Perhaps a few years later, I got into the toys.  First toy I can remember getting was the Skystriker jet for christmas.  Got a few scattered figures here and there, but the biggest christmas I remember was when I got what was probably every current figure and toy from that year, including the Defiant Space Vehicle Launch Complex.  That thing was freaking huge!!.  My parents we never ones to assemble toys for me so I had the fun of playing all day putting stuff together and having cool adventures of Joe vs. Cobra.  A year later a friend of mine sold me his U.S.S. Flagg carrier, so by then I had two of the biggest toys of my life 🙂

Of course, like all toys of those times, most were sold or given away.  I guess for a while my interest wained, or my parents decided to get rid of em.  Never really got back into Joe till about two years ago when the new vintage style reissues started coming out.  I remember when I first seen em in stores it was like a flashback to youth, digging through looking for my favorites and keeping track of what I had and what I needed.  Of course now those figures are still sealed on their cards and are safely among the collection.  Also getting most of the comics that come out now, just started with the new live action movie figures, and hope to continue with the vintage reissues.

Know what though, throughout all the years, I still never got that G.I. Joe #1 from Marvel….next year, I WILL get it. 🙂


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2 Responses to MasterC, What is best in life?

  1. chiznad says:

    I can’t even remember where I sat my drink 5 minutes ago. Recollections such as these are a thing of the past for me. Too much drama in my life right now. The brain isn’t working so good lately.

    As for Joe’s, I was never a big fan. Didn’t dislike em, it’s just they were on BEFORE Transformers, and I hated waiting as a 4 or 5 year old kid for my favorite show.

    Some eps were great, some were so pathetically boring. Some characters were great, some were a waste. The animated movie was good, except much like the animated TFTM they used it as a vehicle to destroy and obliterate every facet of the status quo.

    Looking forward to the new animated movie being released, except the pathetic voice acting, as well as the live action flick.

    • funny thing is…I never got to see the cartoons of G.I. Joe or Transformers till several years into collecting the toys. Where we lived at the time cable tv wasnt avaliable.

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