This is….A NEW POST!!!!

Holy freaking hell…..I’m back folks!!!

Uhhh, well, the few who are here and reading this at least :). Whats happened to the master since the last post? Just the unfortunate thing called life. However, we’ll save that for another time, lets just get down to business shall we? Whats going on? For starters, despite some numerous odds, I am gonna go to the mecca for all things Star Wars!! No not the Skywalker Ranch (though a Fanboys style trip would rock), I’m heading down to Orlando Florida for Star Wars Celebration 5. Gonna be a great time to go to a show that is so large yet so centered around a fandom and mythology that has gone on for over 30 years. I’ll even remember to take a camera and perhaps a video recorder for some nice images from this expansive 4 day outing.

What else? Well, I’m somewhat poking along with creating my first ever podcast, trying to really sink my mind back into the land of geekdom, getting back into some reading, playing WOW, and lots of other things. Also gonna get to work soon on some stuff for a local comic shop called Memory Lane Comics. The new owner is making a big presence on the web and I’m hoping to help any way I can.

Thats it for now, just wanted to throw something up and get the ball rolling again. Till next time, stay geeky!!


About mastercharles
just a Geek, Nerd and Fanboy all rolled up with some Otaku mixed in.

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