Clerks, or…is it?

I’m back!!! So after months of not writing anything due to a drastic change in life including moving, I’m finally gonna get back to blogging. One thing I want to do with my blog is use it as a tool to show off my art and writing. I’ll try to write a longer poster later, but for now….a teaser of what I am working on. The idea came to me while working on deliveries the other day….

“I hear people all the time say it. Always saying how wonderful it must be to work in a comic shop. Well, they must be on crack if they think its really that great. The hours suck, the owner never does anything (and hardly even makes an appearance), the customers REALLY suck, and the pay is terrible. The good part? Well, some of the customers are too bad. My sis works here with me too, and we actually get along most of the time. And then of course….there’s her……..”

Yeah, that’s it, nothing more than a teaser. Hey, isn’t that how we felt after watching those Super Bowl commercials? Well, I’ll work on it and write more soon. And look for some awesome photography here soon once I get my taxes back and get me a new DSLR.


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just a Geek, Nerd and Fanboy all rolled up with some Otaku mixed in.

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