“Loose Cannon”

Note, this isn’t quite SFW just cause of language, just in case you really need to know

Ok, todays isn’t so much a teaser as more of a snippet. Well, not really a snippet since its not from anything yet really developed. I just find that sometimes I want to write a passage from a story to kinda get the idea of the mood and how the characters will act. All this stemmed from last night. As I was laying down for bed I just had something come to mind. I’m really glad for my iPhone and the notepad on it, cause this is what was written down:

Aryana Morrison, born October 5th, 2260 in New Cairo, Dakota. Age 28.

So that’s it, my story now has a protagonist, and she has a name. Now, why New Cairo and Dakota? Well, I always envisioned doing a story set in the future, in a time when political rivalries mattered more than the well being of the masses. A time where technology was so integral in our lives that it bordered on overkill. Countries and even states fought over borders. War both large and small ravaged the land. Cities were destroyed and rebuilt. People lived on the moon, Mars, and even on Saturn’s moon Titan. Society has both embraced and rejected religion. And a detective working a simple industrial espionage case gets in way over her head. So here is another sample:

Shots rang though the nightclub as a strange hooded figure ran though, knocking over patrons and tables. Aryana persued him, gun drawn, looking for the chance for a clear shot. As the hooded assailant jumped onto the stage, he grabbed one of the dancers and drew a unusual gun, placing the muzzle to her temple.

“Stay back bitch, or this whore dies!”

Aryana stopped, sights trained on her foe. “Your wanted Jarna…dead or alive. Don’t think that holding a hostage is going to stop me from bringing in your head.”

‘Drop your gun or she ge…..” A shot pierced through the dancer’s head and exited the back of the hood. Blood and viscera splattered onto the curtains and back wall as the two bodies collaped onto the stagefloor. As terrified patrons dashed out of the front and back exits, Aryana walked up to the bodies, gun still trained just in case. The dancer, a synthetic humanoid, lay motionless, her eyes wide open and a yellowish fluid coming from the wounds in her head. Aryana kneeled and pulled the hood back from the attacker. It was Jarna alright. He was Telzaran, almost human in appearance except for the lack of ears and eye pupils. She smiled a bit, “Got ’em.”

Outside, police and rescue vehicles gathered. Aryana walked out of the bar, carring with her Jarna’s ident pack. She walked up to her captain, who didn’t look very pleased.

“What in the fuck do you think you’re doing?! I told you to track Jarna and bring him in, not raise holy fucking hell downtown! And to top that off, killing a civilian? You’re stepping way over the god damned line this time!!”

“Look,” She said calmly, holding out the pack. “I got him. He’s not going to cause any more trouble for the company. All the information they were looking for is here. And besides, the only people who died are a murderer and spy, and a repro whore.”

The captain statched the bundle from her, still raging with anger. “I don’t give a good shit damn what you think about clones, they still got all the same rights under the law as anybody! If you keep this up, I’ll have you busted down to traffic patrol on Mars. How would you like that?”

She turned away, walking to her craft. “Well, beats working this shitty place.” She turned her head back and gave him a flirtatious look with her piercing ice blue eyes. “But you know you can’t bear to get rid of me, I’m the best you got.”

The door to her craft shut and it took off. The captain stood his ground, and muttered, “You’re right, but you got bigger problems than me girl….”

Not such a nice person is she? Well, thats really the point. This is a world that doesn’t breed nice people anymore. Don’t worry though, I promise you that you’ll see the good people when its all said and done.


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