“The Red Lights And Dark Nights”

Ok, another night and another teaser. What I am trying to do is challenge myself to write one blog a day and write more and more on some ideas for stories I have had for so long. This one is kind of an old project for me. It started many, MANY years ago when I wrote a fiction story for an english class in high school. Set in a distant future on our own world, a world that has been corrupted by our own greed and thirst for power. I decided to change the main character from a male to female, and have her as a cop instead of some crazy superhero. Still got alot to do on this one, but here is another little taste.

“I hate this city. Lived here all my life. Seen it go from being one of the brightest and wealthiest cities on the Americas continent to sinking into a pit of filth and corruption. Whores of all races and species constantly beg for your money, and petty thieves simply try to take it by force. Most of the businesses here are centered around synthour and drugs. Some cater to those damn posi-brains. Why do I walk these streets every night? Least the job pays well, being a cop here means always having something to do. And at least its better than living up there….”

Ok, thats it for now. I swear this is one I really want to work on and cross my fingers will get published one day in the future.


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just a Geek, Nerd and Fanboy all rolled up with some Otaku mixed in.

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