Unity And Equality

A quick explanation. Katie Cook is the creator of the webcomic “Gronk”, as well as an artist who has done works of Star Wars, Fraggle Rock, Jim Henson, and other properties. NOH8 is a movement brought about by California Proposition 8, which is an amendment to their constitution that states that marriage between a man and woman only will be recognized in the state of California.
Via Twitter, Katie noted the other day that a reader of her comic had sent her an email. In the email, she was asked to remove the “NOH8” logo from the main character Dale’s t shirt, or they would cease reading of the comic. She replied to him, in her own polite way, that she would not. She also quoted on Twitter that, “I think it is discriminating against anyone because of who they believe in or who they love is bullshit.”
I’ll go on record right now and state to all my readers that I am a supporter of gay marriage and gay rights in general. Many of my friends are gay, and I have seen the struggles they face in life. However, I do not see them as gay; I see them as human beings. They deserve the same right and privileges that each and every one of us has. If you want me to being this into the movement I am in, many gay people are geeks and nerds just like us, why would we discriminate against them? They are no different than us, and stand shoulder to shoulder with us to show our unity.
The more I think on this and talk about it, the more I hope to see a geek and nerd unity. Let us show the masses that we are proud of who we are, welcome all with open minds, and share no ill thoughts to others. We may differ on opinions and views, but we are intelligent enough to simply share our views, not force them on others. This is why I always welcome discussion here. Have your own voice.


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